Our commitment

Democratising the idea of sharing, exploiting existing resources to the maximum of their capacity to have an environmental impact and build a greener world



Our long-term vision is to create a so-called « circular economy » where each individual consumes in a more responsible and collaborative way. Indeed, the mutualization of individual resources will allow a considerable decrease of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and will bring you a pricing flexibility.

By using the Shiiped application, you can take advantage of a registered driver’s trip to get your goods delivered whenever you want. Each « delivery » made by a driver is a double trip avoided.


A trusted community:

In order to guarantee you a reliable delivery, the profile of each driver is manually checked with the greatest care. You also have the possibility to interact directly in the application with the driver in charge of your property.

A mutual aid platform:

Mutual aid is the key word that governs our community delivery platform. It is important to keep in mind that Shiiped does not position itself as a professional delivery platform, but rather as a way to connect people who are willing to contribute to a common interest: sharing resources.

A team at your service:

Whatever the situation you are facing, our team is at your disposal. To contact us, simply log into your personal space and click on the tab « Help & Support » in your menu. You can also contact us at the following address: hello@shiiped.com

Any questions?

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Shiiped’s founder


The rise of smartphones, the advent of app stores and the desire to work on demand have spurred the development of Shiiped and thus created a new standard of convenience for users. The establishment of this platform required a willingness to question orthodoxies and reinvent itself, even disrupting local business models somewhat. With this in mind, Shiiped was developed with 3 main questions in mind namely: what, when and how?

Because every day there is room for improvement, we will move forward with an eye to the future to make the best of it for everyone. In this perspective we will not hesitate to make sacrifices when we see clear long-term benefits. We are not perfect and we certainly will not be perfect in our ideas. But thanks to you, we promise to make the most of your opinions with respect and humility while dedicating passion and integrity. Your satisfaction is our priority and therefore the essence of our success.

Dereck Gibeyo
Founder and CEO